CIC Market Solutions helps financial institutions respond to the many execution issues they encounter.

Our proposed solutions cover a wide range of underlying assets such as equities, ETFs, listed derivatives and OTC instruments such as bonds, forex, and currency and interest rate derivatives.

The teams are able to optimise execution by taking into account the spread, market or latency impact.

Our strengths: experienced teams, broad geographical coverage and efficient systems

Our geographic coverage area for equities and ETFs is comprehensive in Europe and significant in Asia and North America. Our traders can access more than 40 platforms or venues right up to the US market close: MTFs, Periodic Auctions, SIs, etc. We also have a night desk to track orders. In order to best meet the needs of financial institutions, teams have access to or make available diverse execution channels: Execution Desk Access, Direct Market Access and Direct Strategy Access. They also have Full STP access to various trading systems: BBG, NYFIX, Fidessa, etc.

On listed derivatives, CIC Market Solutions offers numerous strategies for hedging, optimisation and intermediation on a wide range of underlying assets.

Regarding bonds, Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC) has opted for the status of Systematic Internaliser under MiFID II with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), a market-making desk that trades the euro-denominated issues of one hundred and fifty issuers as well as around thirty financial institutions on various electronic platforms (All Quote, MarketAxess, Tradeweb).

Lastly, CIC also circulates its forex prices via several electronic platforms (FXALL, 360T, FXGO).

Our outsourcing services

The growing complexity of financial markets and increased regulatory constraints have led to specific execution options being put in place via the buy-side trading desk and the Middle Office.

Buy-Side Desk

CIC Market Solutions enables financial institutions to outsource the execution of their stock market orders via a buy-side desk that ensures execution quality, handles the search for liquidity, and provides market intelligence. It also responds to best selection obligations and helps manage relations with counterparties, as well as their execution rating. Certain desks also handle the RPA (Research Payment Account).

Access to our Buy-Side Desk improves the performances of clients' funds while lowering costs.

Middle Office

The Middle Office provides daily assistance for clients and operates on a dedicated and secure IT system. In its role as a facilitator, the Middle Office manages electronic confirmations with execution brokers. In the pre-matching phase, its teams thus validate the valuations of trades.

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