CIC Market Solutions has a trading floor dedicated to issuers and controlling holding or investment companies. The issuer trading floor team offers three types of services that are systematically adapted to the needs and challenges of each client:

  • Share management contracts,
  • Share buybacks,
  • Corporate execution (purchase or disposal of holdings).

Market interventions are carried out in a secure environment, and with due respect for the confidentiality of information.

Share management contracts

The share management contract is a discretionary management mandate entrusted by a listed company. The purpose is to ensure the liquidity of transactions and regularity of quotations while avoiding price discrepancies that are unjustified by a market trend. CIC Market Solutions' issuer trading teams use appropriate management tools to fulfil their aims, and provide clients with regular reports and active market monitoring of their shares.

Share buybacks

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, CIC Market Solutions assists issuers in their share buyback transactions, be these for cancellation purposes, to cover stock options, or to pay for external growth transactions. These interventions can be carried out via direct orders or under buyback mandates.

Corporate execution

CIC Market Solutions' issuer trading floor assists issuers as well as controlling holding or investment companies in the management of their listed investments (purchase or disposal of holdings), in complete confidentiality and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our trading methodology:
a tailor-made strategy

The issuer trading floor team adapts the trading strategy to the specific characteristics of each security and to market trends, with a view to maximising its efficiency and in compliance with regulatory constraints. The team intervenes on different venues  – Euronext, MTFs, dark pools, etc. – and depending on the situation, trades manually, automatically or via algorithmic trading. For share buybacks and corporate execution mandates, CIC Market Solutions has the capacity to search for blocks internally or via other brokers in order to achieve the most synergistic combination possible for the benefit of its clients.

Our strengths:
confidentiality, regular monitoring, and regulatory advice

CIC Market Solutions' corporate brokerage arm offers clients three key advantages:

A dedicated and physically-independent trading floor, guaranteeing confidentiality for issuers and controlling holding or investment companies

Regular market monitoring for clients: market insight, monitoring and analysis of the issuer's stock market flows

Monitoring and advisory service on reporting requirements

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