CIC Market Solutions, which is the leader in the independent asset management segment, offers its financial institution clients high value-added account keeping and custody services.

Our know-how for the benefit of your strategy

CIC Market Solutions' teams offer their financial institution clients a full range of securities custody and administration services for their post-trade activities authorized by French market regulator AMF, in compliance with the standards set by MiFID II.

CIC Market Solutions' account keeping activity includes:

  • custody of French and foreign securities in collaboration with its correspondents in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • outsourcing of the middle office, which makes it possible to respond to requests for cost reductions and support long-term strategic decisions.
  • protection against associated risks and regulatory changes by monitoring taxation in the countries in which the securities are held: management of local tax declarations, credits and refunds.
  • centralised management of securities transactions.
  • voting at shareholders' meetings, support in compliance with the SRD 2 directive.
  • Order reception and transmission services implementing Best Selection and Best Execution (Buy-Side Desk).

Our strengths

Against a backdrop of increasingly complex financial markets and growing regulation, CIC Market Solutions offers independent asset management companies the possibility of combining its custody account keeping and UCI depositary services for clients under a management mandate at a single service provider.

Enabling clients to benefit from the expertise of our 200 employees in charge of custody at Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale: supervision of stocks, settlement/delivery flows, transaction matching and regulatory support (rigorous compliance and ongoing adaptation to international standards: IQ, FATCA, AEOI and CSDR compliance).

Innovation at the heart of our business

CIC Market Solutions offers access to its SoFI management support platform, as a gateway to real-time custody services, enabling its financial institution clients to fine-tune their professional needs.

For greater responsiveness and proximity, CIC Market Solutions provides digital opening of securities accounts, dematerialised transfers, and remote consultation of accounts via access to its Fil-Securities website.

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