CIC Market Solutions offers clients its responses to market trends through video, thanks to its live & replay modes. Each week, more than 15 hours of content is available on the CIC Market Solutions mobile app (iOS & Android) as well as on the web site. Depending on the subjects addressed, the videos are daily, weekly, or quarterly; they can also be released in response to breaking market or company news.

Our research and videos

Daily research and videos


Every day, the key points for the day's trading session placed in the context of our economic and strategic scenario


Every day, the factors that will influence credit markets

Weekly research and videos

Le Morning Matières Premières

Each week a review of the factors influencing prices of one or more commodities

Quarterly research and videos


The quarterly update of our economic scenario and investment strategies

Responses to breaking news

Direct Corporate

An opportunity to speak with the management of a listed company

Specific offers tailored to each of our clients

In keeping with MIF II regulations, CIC Market Solutions offers content tailored to investment directors, asset managers, buy-side analysts, CEOs, CFOs and treasurers.

Meetings for our financial institution clients

CIC Market Solutions gives investors the chance to question CIC Market Solutions’ economists and strategists, as well as its equities, credit and technical analysts, or even the senior management of a listed company, thus enriching their market expertise. All of the global research and market data publications complement the digital offer.

Morning Meeting

Every day, our take on company news and our stock market opinions before trading opens.

Conférence Hebdo

A response to cross-asset news from our analysts, economists and strategists, in a format adapted to multi-management, wealth management and private client management

Equity Hebdo

An update of our equity market strategy

[Direct Analyste] Économie & Marchés

Exchanges between our analysts and our investor clients when major reports are published

Videos devoted to our company clients

Videos related to breaking market news, allowing corporate clients to ask CIC Market Solutions’ experts questions. An effective, pro-active tool to analyse emerging trends.

L’Écho Hebdo

Key economic events for the week ahead and the likely implications for forex, bond and commodity markets

L’Écho Chart

An exchange rate, a yield curve, or a commodity presented from a technical analysis standpoint

L’Écho des Actions

News and regulatory updates on share management contracts and share buybacks

L’Écho du Primaire Obligataire

Primary bond market news

L’Écho du Primaire Actions

Primary equity market news

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