Access to all our Global Research via your smartphone and your computer

CIC Market Solutions offers clients its responses to market trends through video, thanks to its live & replay modes.

Events every week, available on the CIC Market Solutions mobile app (iOS and Android) and on the website.


Interactive live events with our analysts every day

Depending on the subjects addressed, the events are daily, weekly, or quarterly ; they can also be one-offs in response to breaking market or company news. Ask your questions to participants live using the integrated chat module.


A studio equipped for daily live events and high-quality resolution

A studio located next to the analysts' offices
15 hours of events per week
40 analysts live in Full HD
One-click live access via the app and website.

Discover our studio through this video

Keeping a close eye on financial market news


News of an urgent or high-risk nature. An expert complements the skills of the research teams and answers questions from an analyst and the audience.


The latest news linked to our annual event dedicated to professional investors. We celebrated our 10th edition in 2023.

Our virtual events

An overview of all the events hosted by our teams.

Specific offers tailored to each of our clients

Depending on the status defined by MiFID II, CIC Market Solutions offers content tailored to investment directors, asset managers, buy-side analysts, CEOs, CFOs and treasurers.

Economy and financial markets

Our CIC Market Solutions experts analyse the essential economic news and its impact on the markets.

Equity weekly

Updates and changes in our equity market strategy.

L’écho Hebdo

Our analysts discuss the key economic events of the week ahead and place them in the context of the CIC scenario.

In french only

Daily drivers

Each day, the key points of the upcoming session put into perspective with our economic and strategy scenarios.

Strategy spotlight

In-depth analysis of monetary policies and their implications for interest and exchange rates.

Point pétrole

Weekly event, an analysis of oil market trends and outlook.

In french only

Scénario du CIC

The quarterly update of our economic scenario and recommended investment strategies.

In french only

Equity research

Daily analysis and reaction to market news.

Conférence hebdo

A response to cross-asset news from our analysts, economists and strategists, in a format adapted to multi-management, wealth management and private client management.

In french only

Morning Meeting

Every day, our take on economic and company news, and our stock market opinions before trading opens.

Direct analyst

Exchanges between our analysts and our investor clients when sector or single stock reports are published.

Top picks

A twice-monthly event where the Equity Research department's analysts present a new selection of stocks, focusing on the factors driving their re-rating.

Hot topic

Immediate reaction to an event affecting a company covered by an analyst, in light of the economic scenario or the oil scenario.

Directe Experte

Webinars organised in conjunction with an expert to explore specific themes.

Credit desk analysts

The credit desk analysts work closely with the Equity Research teams and monitor the market on a daily basis to generate investment ideas.

Point Crédit

Key news from euro-denominated corporate bond issuers, trends in rates and spreads, ratings, etc.

In french only

Bilan Hebdomadaire

Weekly analysis of trends in rates and spreads.
Changes within the Investment Grade, Crossover and High-Yield categories.

In french only

Focus Taux - Credit

Analysis of rates, curves, spreads and iTraxx.

In french only

Credit roundup

Published before the market opens : key news on euro issuers, with succinct, in-depth coverage and monitoring of ratings.

Technical analysis

Better understand and anticipate market behaviour.

Chart Solutions

Every week, an overview of all asset classes: interest rates, currencies, commodities, equity indices, etc.

Chart Equity

Every week, an overview of all equity indices and stock recommendations.

Quarterly Outlook

Medium/long-term vision across all asset classes (interest rates, currencies, commodities, equity indices).

Focus taux

Focus on rates, curves, spreads, iTraxx.

In french only

Sustainable development

Our sustainable development approach is integrated into reports published by the Equity and Credit Research teams and focuses on environmental issues. The main areas covered are sustainable finance regulation, climate, biodiversity, and the circular economy.

Analyse ESG

An event with experts to help you understand a sustainable development issue.

In french only


A reading of the climate impact of companies on the themes of carbon neutrality, sustainable mobility, and energy assessment.


Water, pollution and ecosystems : three elements of biodiversity examined by our analysts.


From eco-design to recyclability, our analysts decipher the latest environmental news from companies.

Custodian solutions

Aimed at financial institution clients, these events are designed to provide a better understanding of the latest developments in account-keeping and custody, as well as expertise in UCITS and FIAs, ETFs and our execution capabilities on a range of instruments.

Direct SDG

An issuer presents the advantages of their range of ETF products available on the market.

In french only

Portrait SDG

Focus on an asset management company for our Magazine issues.

In french only

Rencontres des SDG

A quarterly meeting on the latest news from asset management companies.

In french only

Fil Securities tutorial

A tutorial for customers on the Fil Securities platform and how to use it.


Presentation by an asset management company at our annual forum.

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