The Issuer Services teams offer a range of solutions tailored to the needs of listed and unlisted companies. Their activities focus on the following three tasks: managing the register of shareholders, organising AGMs, and implementing securities transactions.

the register of shareholders

Managing the register of shareholders
Monitoring and updating capital

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CIC Market Solutions offers its clients digital solutions enabling companies to access their register of shareholders and shareholders to consult their positions.

holding AGMs

Assisting with preparatory work: AGM schedule, invitations to attend, quorum monitoring
Participating in the AGM: keeping the attendance sheet, managing powers, collection and results of votes, remote voting

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Upon request, the Issuer Services teams set up e-invitations and/or Votaccess voting.

Financial services on securities transactions

Carrying out dividend payments
Centralising all securities transactions
Dealing with tax related to directly registered shares

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CIC Market Solutions assists its clients with equity transactions: share issues and/or securities giving access to capital, mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, etc.

Key figures

240 client companies

110,000 directly registered shareholders

120 AGMs organised per year

100 dividend and interest payments per year

Our strengths

  • A tailor-made service that can be adapted to clients' needs at any time.
  • Organisation on a human-scale and teams of experts centralised on the same site, brought together for effective support.
  • Management of relations with Euronext, the AMF and third-party financial intermediaries, as well as with directly-registered shareholders.

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