CIC Market Solutions offers its corporate clients a wide range of hedging instruments to protect themselves against interest rate, currency, and commodity risks.

Our teams are located on the trading floors of CIC's six regional banks throughout France, to deliver responsive local service. CIC Market Solutions also meets the needs of companies with international subsidiaries through its trading floors in New York and Singapore.

The hedging teams handle more than 80,000 hedging transactions each year for more than 6,000 active clients in France and Europe.

Our interest rate, currency, and commodity offers: tailor-made support

CIC Market Solutions offers bespoke solutions to companies in order to meet their needs in managing the main interest rate, currency, or commodity risks.

Interest rates

Companies are subject to interest rate risk; an unfavourable change in interest rates can be costly for their cash flow. CIC Market Solutions offers a complete range of products to lending and borrowing companies alike: interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars, and cross-currency swaps.


CIC Market Solutions offers hedging products on more than 30 currencies to help companies hedge currency fluctuation risks on imports and exports. These range from the simplest to the most sophisticated contracts: spots, forwards, currency swaps and options.


Certain activities require the purchase (for processing) or sale of raw materials. We offer a broad range of products to help you secure the profitability of these activities – commodity futures (sale or purchase), swaps and Asian swaps, caps, floors. We handle the following categories of commodities: petroleum products, industrial metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, steel) and agricultural products (wheat, rapeseed, corn, sugar, coffee, cocoa, soybeans).

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