CIC Market Solutions’ mobile app (iOS & Android) and Research website provide our corporate clients and investors with high-quality content (written and video) daily in response to strong market or issuer news. We are pleased to announce the launch at end March of a new version of our mobile app and Research website, which will now become one and the same!

CIC Market Solutions, CIC's business unit in charge of market activities for Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, is simplifying client access to all of its Research. Our new functionalities make the client experience and daily use more fluid and intuitive, be this on the web or mobile App.

Four of the new key functionalities:

  • Simplified access: a single login and password for both platforms,
  • Join events as they happen from the home page: a button signals the live event, allowing you to join it with one click. Full-screen HD quality and a chat to ask questions to the speakers (experts, one of our 40 analysts, etc.) are major advances of this new version,
  • Save time: a single page summarises and prioritises the information (written and video content) published in chronological order;
  • Universal search function: all the content on a stock, sector, theme, both written and video content, in a single click!

What content can our subscribers view?

Our subscribers have access to expert content depending on their user status. Whether they are an investment director, asset manager, buy-side analyst, treasurer, CFO or CEO, each one has personalised access in compliance with MiFID II regulations. From the home page, through written and video content (live & replay), CIC Market Solutions offers subscribers its insight into market trends in a timely manner: presentations by its economists and strategists, equity and credit analysts, market experts, commodity spotlights, technical analyses, etc.

Equipped with its own recording studio, CIC Market Solutions produces an average of 15 hours of video analysis per week. In a single click, companies that call on the capital markets can interact with European and US investors, thanks to the "Join the live event" feature accessible from the home page.

All of CIC Market Solutions' teams remain fully committed to constantly providing clients with innovative tools and in-depth analyses to understand market trends better.