CIC Market Solutions has strengthened its Global Research team headed by François Duhen, in order to support the needs of its investor and corporate clients in terms of economic, financial and extra-financial analysis.

CIC Market Solutions continues to build up its Global Research offer with the recruitment of seven new analysts and by consolidating its expertise in ESG issues:

  • Nicolas BOUTHORS, Strategist, joins the Financial Markets Research team after two years’ experience as an equity analyst in the Utilities sector.
  • Gabriel CORBASSIERE, Economist, has joined the Economic Research team.
  • Hervé DROUET joins the Equity Research team as an analyst on the Aerospace & Defence sector. Hervé has over 25 years’ experience as a sell-side financial analyst in investment banking and consulting firms.
  • Marc GONTRAN, Credit Analyst, has more than eight years’ experience in financial markets in investment banking and asset management.
  • Nicolas HAESE has joined the Sustainable Development Research department as Climate Lead. A specialist in ESG issues and climate risks, Nicolas has nearly 14 years’ experience in responsible finance, including 12 years in asset management.
  • Stéphane LEANDRI, Corporate Credit Analyst, sell-side and buy-side experience spanning more than 20 years, on Investment Grade, High Yield and Unrated (including private debt)
  • Fabrissa TASSIN, Technical Analyst on all asset classes and with over 10 years’ experience in technical analysis, joins Eva BELLIN and the Economics & Strategy team.

The CIC Market Solutions teams are available to discuss the needs of banking networks, asset management companies, financial institutions, and companies.