CIC Market Solutions has a trading room dedicated to issuers, holding companies and investment firms. In the article below, Corporate Brokerage manager Guillaume de Looz provides an overview of our range of services, including the liquidity contract offer.

A stock’s market appeal depends on the underlying fundamentals of the issuing company as well as on the stock’s volatility and liquidity. Via a liquidity contract, we work alongside listed companies to limit the volatility of their share price and increase its liquidity. Our action benefits both the company, by enhancing its market appeal, and investor shareholders, by creating conditions for regular trading in the stock.

What solutions do you offer?

Within the framework of our liquidity contracts, our clients provide us with the means (in cash or securities) to take daily action on the market, as both buyers and sellers. Our interventions aim to increase a stock’s liquidity, to narrow spreads and to avoid any asymmetries with market trends that appear unjustified; this provides a bulwark against excessive volatility.

What value added do we provide?

We offer listed companies a number of services on the secondary market. We provide clients with daily tracking of their stock, including flow monitoring, block transactions, unusual market occurrences and shareholding changes. We also carry out detailed data analyses. This market monitoring, which accompanies our technical service, helps management understand the daily movements in their company’s valuation.
Our interventions are carried out by a trading room dedicated to Corporate Brokerage, in a perfectly secure environment and with a Chinese wall that guarantees information confidentiality. Ensuring that the information we are given remains confidential and that all regulations are complied with are two cornerstones of our service quality.

What do clients like about CIC Market Solutions' liquidity contract offer?

We work closely with listed clients to ensure that their needs are met. Aside from the technical facets of our offer, we provide tools to help our clients understand and analyse market trends and volumes. Our work helps identify the underlying factors that influence movements in our clients’ stocks and benefits all of the players on the secondary market.