CIC Market Solutions shares its video market analyses with its clients thanks to live & replay options. Yves Monrique, Head of Equity Sales, explains the video offer as part of our Let's Go CIC Market Solutions series, designed to showcase all our expertise and know-how.

Discover our digital offer and events with Yves Monrique, Head of Equity Sales, on our video of less than 3 minutes!

We offer investors and companies the opportunity to consult the analyses of our global research department and to access our expert events. This digital, interactive offer enables our clients to stay informed about the latest economic and financial market news.

What solutions do you offer?

We offer interactive webinars, a mobile app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and a website.
These tools allow us to compile a range of collaborative digital products and services for our professional client base.
For example, in response to breaking news, whether it be a major geopolitical event or a noteworthy corporate publication, our experts intervene live and via video to provide their insights.
We produce weekly recurring programmes. Our specialists take turns to explain the movements that are driving the markets; and at any time, we offer themed meetings designed to listen and interact at greater length with an analyst, an expert or a company director.
Lastly, our clients will find other recorded content on our app and website, such as interviews with senior executives and reports.

What is your added value?

Responsiveness: our clients have instant access to a professional analysis of the economic and financial events that concern them.
Clarity: our formats combine videos, presentations and interactive possibilities that facilitate the understanding of the subjects covered.
Lastly, availability: from the comfort of your office, while travelling, whatever your geographical location, a solution will always be on hand enabling you to access our live or recorded content.

In a few words, could you sum up the benefits of CIC Market Solutions' digital offer?

Investors, CEOs, CFOs and treasurers make important strategic and financial decisions every day.
We hope that our digital offer will give them professional information solutions in keeping with their daily challenges.