CIC Market Solutions organises more than 250 financial events each year to connect companies and investors and/or to share its market expertise. Laure-Emeline Rufin, Head of Corporate Access, presents this offer on video as part of our Let's Go CIC Market Solutions series, designed to showcase all our expertise and know-how.

Discover our Corporate Access offer with Laure-Emeline Rufin, Head of Corporate Access, on our video of less than 3 minutes! (in French only)

Video transcript

What is Corporate Access in a few words?

Listed companies regularly meet shareholders and investors. The objective of Corporate Access is to bring companies and investors together. These meetings are the opportunity for companies to discuss their business model, strategy or results.

What solutions do you offer?

We offer a wide range of events:

  • Corporate roadshows that respond to a company’s newsflow such as its results publication, an acquisition, a financial transaction or the publication of a report by our research department;
  • Physical or virtual meetings that provide more in-depth knowledge of the company’s business through site visits, for example;
  • Meetings with experts to analyse changes in a sector. This is our “horizon” offer;
  • Lastly, the CIC Market Solutions Forum, which brings together European companies and investors and generates thousands of interactions.
What is your added value?

We have three added values:

  • First, the scope of our network:
  • We have a wide range of investor clients. We offer support to companies ranging from CAC40 to small caps, with expertise in medium-sized companies. We are active in France, Europe, including Switzerland, as well as in the US and Canada.

  • Second, our digital events:
  • As digital pioneers, some of our events are filmed and broadcast live or can be viewed in replay on our CIC Market Solutions mobile app and website. To prepare and deepen their knowledge of a company before a roadshow, investors can watch a financial analyst's presentation or replay a company's presentation at any time. More than twenty hours of footage are filmed each week by a team of professionals in our studio.

  • Third, our rapid response time and emphasis on service:
  • We work closely with companies and respond in real time to breaking news that affects them. Investors benefit from the full panoply of our events and from the representation of companies at their best level.

How would you sum up the Corporate Access offer in a nutshell?

We organise over 250 events each year. Our services and events are innovative and respond to the needs expressed by both companies and investors.