On this occasion, we would like to share some facts about CIC Market Solutions and its employees that have marked the year:

France Research - did you know?

CIC Market Solutions’ Global Research team has grown in the past two years and has adapted its offer to the needs of its clients. It has broadened the scope of coverage by our Equity (170 companies on the Paris stock exchange, and around 450 European companies with our partners in the ESN and M.M. Warburg networks) and Credit analysts by integrating an ESG approach focusing on the environment and by standing out thanks to the responsiveness of its Economics and Financial Markets and Technical Analysis research teams in an increasingly turbulent environment. The research products, available in digital format (written documents and videos) meet the expectations of all types of investors.

France Small & Midcaps Stocks - did you know?

CIC Market Solutions is one of the historical players in the coverage of the French Small & Midcaps segment, but also in Europe with its partners in the ESN network (Spain, Italy and Portugal) and M.M. Warburg in Germany, i.e. a coverage of around 450 European companies. Our offer ranges from investment advice, to execution, to Corporate Access. Not only does CIC Market Solutions work with investors, but for many years it has also supported issuers in their development, with dedicated ECM and DCM teams.

France Sales - did you know?

CIC Market Solutions' equity sales team consists of 19 experienced sales people and sales traders, who are in daily contact with more than 380 investors in France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, the UK and the US. In 2023, they were able to showcase the full breadth of CIC Market Solutions' offering in terms of Research, Corporate Access and Liquidity.

France Corporate Access - did you know?

Corporate Access CIC Market Solutions is a dynamic team of experts that organises more than 200 roadshows per year in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Germany, the UK and the US as well as an annual Forum on 19, 20 and 21 November this year that will welcome more than 140 European companies and 400 international investors.

France Trading & Execution - did you know?

The Trading & Execution team is a team of 7 people covering 3 major asset classes, equities, ETFs and listed derivatives. The team is available from 7:30am to 10pm to meet your execution needs on the world's major markets while using the latest technologies in algorithmic trading, liquidity research and connectivity!

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