CIC Market Solutions has become a partner, alongside CIC Banque Privée, in the FamilyShare programme in 2022.

FamilyShare is a training programme created by Euronext and dedicated to family businesses. Based on topics specific to these businesses – such as preserving capital, succession plans or integrating the next generation -, FamilyShare notably enables the executives, shareholders and family members to better understand how financial markets could meet their financial and family needs. Thanks to the sharing of experiences and personalised meetings with experts, FamilyShare provides support specifically tailored to the project, history and challenges of each company enrolled in the programme.

As a partner in the FamilyShare programme, CIC Market Solutions will put its expertise at the disposal of family businesses starting this year. This partnership, alongside CIC Banque Privée, reflects CIC’s interest in these essential economic actors. It is our goal to establish lasting relationships with such companies to help them address the full range of their needs, e.g. financing, opening of the capital, and wealth management. In France, one SME in three is a CIC client.

Within the framework of the programme, CIC Market Solutions’ experts will be called on to work more specifically on the financing and structuring aspects of financial transactions.

CIC Market Solutions would like to thank Euronext for its continued confidence in this partnership.